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Our Services


Get custom-tailored software solutions that are built from your vision and our technical expertise. Hire dedicated software developers that have the required domain exposure to understand technical challenges and have the entrepreneurial mindset to deliver personalized software solutions.

Employ cognitive abilities for your business with personalized business intelligence solutions and development services. Pave the path towards a data-driven organization that harnesses the data with BI applications and generate actionable insights, new revenue streams and growth opportunities.


Get brand-custom web applications that are designed and developed to deliver delightful digital experiences. Hire a team of technology experts that can deliver e-commerce platforms for open markets or personalized web applications that are custom-tailored according to your business goals.

We provide end-to-end cloud application development services that ensure seamless enterprise transition towards cloud along with iterative training sessions, detailed documentation for a defined IT landscape as well as effective change management services for a seamless transition. 


Get comprehensive project consultancy services that can start at the ideation stage to create a strategic plan towards a seamless digital transformation to deploying expert cross-functional teams that can ensure planned execution with managed services and post-go live support.

From on-demand applications to smart apps that act as the cornerstone of your IoT and digital ecosystem, we have the extensive portfolio of delivering a wide range of robust and intuitive mobile applications. Get rare pool of mobile app developers that can personalize innovation for your business.


Whether you wish to create round-the-clock maintenance and support team or create a cross-functional team of developers, designers and QA personnel to keep your IT infrastructure updated and error-free, Technovate provides flexible support and maintenance capabilities with our managed services.

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