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Inclusive Cloud-App Development Services

Get end-to-end cloud application development services right from ideation to maintenance and support.

With the extensive benefits of cloud applications to enterprises in terms of performance, cost-saving and data management, there has been an increased drive for cloud transformation across the globe. While some wish to transform and digitize their services and micro-services, many opt for cloud applications to serve them as products, SaaS, PaaS as well as IaaS. We at Technovate help you leverage your cloud infrastructure and develop cloud applications that align with your customer expectations and your business goals. 

Types of Cloud Applications we develop for our clients

  • Software as a Service Applications

  • Platform as a Service Applications

  • Enterprise Cloud Applications

  • Migrating legacy applications to the cloud

  • Business service automation applications

  • Data management applications

  • Analytics and cognitive platforms

  • Cloud CRM

  • Cloud modules as micro-services

Cloud app development and managed services we cater to our clients

  • Cloud application consulting

  • Cloud app planning

  • Cloud TCO estimates

  • Cloud app development services

  • Cloud app architecture design

  • UI/UX design

  • Cloud migration services

  • Cloud App QA services

  • Support and maintenance of cloud infrastructure

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